Climate change

Climate change is a burning issue today and it is OUR duty to make a change to OUR world….

Come forward and let us share how we can make a little improvement (contribution) to this cause…..


One thought on “Climate change

  1. Reblogged this on climatechangeisa and commented:

    We at South City International school on the 20th.April had conducted an assembly in which our students had shared information on this issue by presenting a skit.
    The skit revolved around the greed and selfishness of humans. The main protagonist is a young boy who is befriended by a tree. In due course of time, he starts to take away everything from the tree for his personal gain. At the end, when he is an old man and seeks shelter and companionship from the tree, the tree is no more.
    Apart from the skit we had also made alot of recycleable products….emphasizing the use of different materials


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